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Fur Care

  • Furs should be cleaned periodically.  Linings and fur absorb odors just as clothing does.  Furs must be cleaned by fur method only and regular dry cleaning will irreparably ruin your fur.

When should I clean my fur?
  • Always hang your fur at home in a cool dark closet - do not crush it.

  • Never store fur in plastic or a cedar closet.

  • When you are finished wearing your fur for the season, bring it to the furrier for cold storage.

How should I store my fur?
  • Visit a reputable furrier when your fur needs repairs.  Do not repair your fur yourself - do not sew, glue or tape anything!  Take your fur to the furrier as soon as you see a tear in the fur in order to prevent the tear from getting larger.

What should I do if my fur needs repair?
Ways to keep your fur looking newer longer...
  • When sitting in your fur garment, lift it slightly to allow some give -- fur does not stretch like fabric does.  It is preferable to fold the garment underneath you so the lining side is facing out.

  • Do not spray perfume on fur

  • Do not allow your shoulder bag to rub the shoulder.

  • Do not carry keys in your pocket -- they will wear through.

  • Be careful around people smoking 

  • Be careful around candles

What should I do if I get my fur wet?

  • If your fur gets slightly wet, let it air dry and shake it out when it is dry. 

  • Do not dry it with a hair dryer!

  • A light misting of rain or snow will not damage your fur, however getting your fur drenched to the leather will ruin it.

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