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Stephen's is a full service furrier offering repairs, alterations, cleaning, appraisal and cold storage.  No matter where you bought your fur, we will be happy to care for it.
Cold Storage

Cold Storage is essential for the proper maintenance of fur garments.  Our ultra secure, state of the art temperature and humidity controlled vault is located on the premises for your convenience.  

Repairs & Alterations

Stephen's offers repairs and alterations at nominal fees. 

  • Repair rips, tears, worn areas and seams, linings, pockets

  • Replace closures, hooks, rings, buttons and loops

  • Transform your existing garment into a reversible garment, vest, scarf, head wrap, pillow, keepsake bear

Cleaning & Glazing

Stephen's recommends periodic cleaning for your furs and leathers.  Cleaning and glazing removes any make-up, dust and dirt that may have settled in the garment.  Linings also absorb perfumes and odors that may damage or discolor the garment over time.  The cleaning process freshens your garment.

Custom Orders

Stephen's specializes in custom fit and or custom style requests.  We will take your measurements and make the pattern specific to your measurements, ensuring a custom fit. 

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